Miami Real Estate Experts

Adam and Mary have real estate in their blood, with Adam growing up in a family of real estate developers and Mary graduating with her LL.M. in Real Property Development. Such exposure and intimate experiences provides them with an exclusive perspective in real estate transactions in both the commercial and residential domains.

Adam’s experience ranges from owning, a real estate holding company, to his position as the Executive Vice President of Business Development at Kensington Vanguard National Land Services, which is one of the largest independent full‑service national title insurance agencies in the country providing commercial and residential title insurance, settlement, escrow, and 1031 exchange services to representing developers, investors.

Mary’s exposure to the real estate world does not end with her LL.M., as she has clerked with multiple firms in the real estate practice area, such as Miami’s Berger Singerman and New York City’s Windels Marx Lane & Mittendorf and managed apartment communities herself.

We Are The Experts’ Expert

What distinguishes YA from others is that in each area of law we practice, we’ve been on both sides of the spectrum, and real estate law is no exception. We’ve been developers, buyers, sellers, and counseled real estate entities for both commercial and residential properties. Yormack & Associates prides itself on excellence in real estate law, which is demonstrated both in family connections to real estate developers from here to New York as well as our mastery of all the corners of commercial and residential fields. Our team’s wealth of knowledge in real estate provides them with intimate familiarity of the complexity and constant evolution of real estate law. Our real estate practice includes specialized proficiency in the representation of owners and operators in connection with the acquisition, development, financing and operation of a verity of real properties. We conduct negotiations and the drafting of land use, as well as disposition agreements with local agencies and entities.

We Are Focused on Results

We focus on providing integral assistance to buyers and sellers to successfully accomplish their real property transactions, whilst working closely with banks and mortgage companies in the review of title examination and the preparation of closing documentation. Our team ensures a facile transaction by reviewing, drafting, and negotiating purchase and sales agreements. We review condominium documents and plans, prepare closing documentation, provide advice on title issues, conduct closings, safeguard that all proceeds are appropriately distributed and accounted for, and ensure that clear title is established.

We Know Real Estate

At YA we understand real estate transactions are complex and involve a myriad of moving parts. With money and liability at stake, we believe the best practice for your transaction is to get an experienced and well-rounded counsel that is involved from the inception of your dealing. Effective legal planning and a robust negotiating strategy can save you money and time in the long run by minimizing the burdens of disputes that lead to losses. While no one looks forward to spending money on a lawyer, the money spent in having an experienced attorney review your real estate dealings to prevent potential problems before they become problems, will often end up saving you money in the long term.