Miami Corporate Litigation

Our diverse experiences and perspective as counsel and entrepreneurs, enables us to sincerely understand the depth of your concern when litigation strikes your business or litigation is necessary to protect you and your business. As entrepreneurs, we’ve been on both sides of disputes with former co-founders, partners and employees and that experience allows us to offer our clients unique counsel in early resolution negotiations, but if litigation is necessary we provide our clients insight towards pragmatic solutions and triumph.

Our success and experience allows us to represent clients with issues ranging in complexity such as:

  • Partnership, shareholder, or stakeholder disagreements
  • Contract breach between vendors, partners, or other parties
  • Collection actions
  • Reinforcement and enforcement of licensing or distribution agreements for intellectual property
  • Enforcement of non-compete covenants, trade secrete clauses, or non-disclosure agreements.

As entrepreneurs, we comprehend the disruption litigation imposes on your business, and the impact that can cloud your personal life. We strive to minimize any anxiety created by litigation, and provide timely resolutions to limit litigation expenses by devoting our resources as efficiently and financially as possible.